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Couple Counselling

Finding that special someone is important to most of us and once we have found them most of us hope that it will last for a long time. However, being in a relationship is not easy and sometimes we feel that the person we thought we knew appears to have changed.

Couple counselling can help with a variety of issues such as lack of communication, feeling like you don’t understand each other, a betrayal of trust such as an affair, anger issues and pressure of work.  Family, money and health can also take its toll as to can a birth of a child. Couples have chosen to have couple counselling when they are separated but want to look at the possibility of reconciliation.

In couple counselling I look at the relationship rather than the individual and the impact problems can have on the relationship – therefore, the relationship becomes the client. Just like most things in life relationships need time and energy to work.  Therefore, as well as looking at what has happened and how the relationship is now we will also look at how you would like the relationship to be and how to move forwards.

We would meet for an initial session which gives you the chance to meet me and for us to see if counselling is right for you. If you both feel you would like to continue then we would arrange further sessions usually at the same time and day each week. Some couples find they prefer longer sessions of 90 minutes rather than the usual sixty minutes.

Just like most things in life relationships need time and energy to work. 

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